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De Ayala Properties, L.L.C. is a real estate development company whose primary focus is identifying land acquisition opportunities in high growth markets and developing the property per our master plan.


The key to our success has been identifying property with superb access and visibility in the path of the growth trend. Equally important is having high quality partners investing in our projects.

We look at opportunities that have the potential for immediate development and with a scale of 30-100 acres. Based on our size criteria, our projects tend to be more mixed-use with office, retail, and hospitality buyers and developers as our primary customers. Our investment window tends to be in the 3-6 year time frame as we have the patience to pre-qualify the right use for our property.

In addition to creating value for our investors, DeAyala Properties is intent on building a high quality development that will stand the test of time. Detailed master planning and architectural and use controls are put in place to protect the values of our customers and compliment the business synergy of the final product.


Julian L. “Kiki” DeAyala

De Ayala Properties, LLC | Julian "Kiki" De Ayala | ph: 713.540.2006 | e: kiki@deayalaproperties.com